Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an innovative way to make and receive telephone calls using your Broadband Internet connection. Save Money on Phone Calls

    • we provide DID’s for more than 80 Countries.
    • Good Quality AZ destination for wholesale.
    •  We use G729, G723.1 and G711 codec.
    • We provide services on mobile phones, to make VOIP calls using WIFI and 3G networks
    • We charge most of the countries by the second, billing 1/1.
    • No monthly Fees and no minimum deposit. Just pay as you need.
    • we use Prepay services using Paypal, transfer Fees on you.

It costs less to make a telephone call using VoIP than it does using conventional landline services. Particularly when making Local, National and International calls. Calls from one VoIP phone to another on the same network are FREE of call charges. Remember, there is no need for your computer to be on when making a call. Save Money on Line Rental

Connecting a VoIP service effectively gives you an additional telephone line. Your existing landline service will still work, but now you can make calls on your VoIP service at the same time. Therefore, you can replace any additional telephone lines with a VoIP service. Save Money for Your Business

One of the big advantages that a VoIP telephony service has to offer over a regular phone service is the abundance of benefits that come with a VoIP service for no extra cost.